Ordering your Uniform Cap as a member of Post 129
  • Being an American Legion member, it is important to represent being a Legionnaire and your post with pride.  One of those traditions is the wear of an American Legion uniform cap.  Although wearing one is not required, it is highly recommended for American Legion events and meetings.  It shows uniformity and togetherness.  We'd love to start seeing more members wearing uniform caps whenever possible (in an official capacity of course).
  • Ordering an American Legion uniform cap (for Post 129):
    American Legion uniform caps are special ordered through the Emblem Sales website. Caps can take up to 8 weeks to be shipped (or longer, currently).
    Go to the following link: https://emblem.legion.org/uniform_caps/legion.asp
    The cost for a cap is about $50.95 plus shipping (this is subject to change based on current environment).
    1. Select "Arizona" as Department
    2. Select "City" as your style. Select "Lined" or "Unlined" if you would like your cap to have an interior lining.
    3. Choose the kind of crown you would like. "Fort Knox" is the kind that looks like a boat. This selection is based on your personal preference.
    4. Select your head size.
    5. Enter "QUEEN CREEK, AZ" for your left-side lettering.
    6. Enter "129" for your post number.
    7. Should be ignored.
  • Our caps come with a cactus embroidered at the front of the cap to represent our state.
    Caps can also be ordered for Auxiliary and Sons members.
    Use this link (also found on the link above) for help:
    Please review this link for uniform cap etiquette:
    If you need any assistance in ordering a cap or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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