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Honor/Color Guard
At the discretion of the Post Commander, the Duane Ellsworth Post 129 Honor/Color Guard is available for any ceremony that is suitable for a military guard. Members of the Honor/Color Guard are comprised of current members in good standing of the Post 129 Family. This may include members American Legion Post 129, Sons of the American Legion Squadron 129 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 129. Care must be taken that the ceremony, event, or any part of the event is not supportive of a cause or activity which may cast the American Legion in a negative or controversial light or bring discredit to the Post simply by association.
What is a Color Guard
An American Legion Color Guard is a team of, at minimum, one flag bearer and two rifle guards. The flag bearers will carry the American flag, and possibly, a POW/MIA flag, a state flag, U.S. military service branch flags, and/or American Legion family flags. The Color Guard can march in parades, present the Colors at indoor or outdoor events, or teach flag etiquette in school or community classrooms. In some cases, a Color Guard me be combined with other organizations' Color Guards depending on the event.
What is an Honor Guard
An Honor Guard is a team of American Legion Family members that is made available for funeral or memorial services for a departed veteran.   One part of an Honor Guard is the Flag Detail. This detail is responsible for folding the American flag used during the ceremony and presenting the Flag to the veteran's family. The second part of the Honor Guard is the Rifle Squad. The rifle squad is responsible for the 21-gun salute. There may also be a bugler as well that will play T.A.P.S. If available, one or more of the "teams" may be provided by active military units and/or other organizations.
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